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"Kellee Bradley has such a strong right-on-the-nailhead voice, honest and direct. As a singer she's great, and as a songwriter she's pure poetry - provocative, serious, thoughtful,sad. She got huge attention for her first album, and this second one is sure to get even more."

J. Housner, Victory Music Review, 12/02

"Kellee Bradley's new CD is titled "I Talk To The Stars" and while she means it in the astronomical sense, that phrase will likely soon hold true in terms of celebrity friendships. The disc- recorded in Nashville and fine-tuned in Seattle - is a cinemescopic work, boldly performed and fully formed. Yes, it has quiet moments like the reflective "Sometimes," but the album really touched greatness when Bradley cuts loose. .......hopefully "I Talk To The Stars" will take Bradley from Mill Creek into national prominence, but for now, she's ours. Savor the moment; it might not last long."

Claude Flowers, Eastside Journal, August 2002

"After you strip away the attitude and the instrumental backdrop, too many singers' vocal abilities don't amount to much. Local singer/songwriter Kellee Bradley's the exception. Bradley's an artist to watch!"

David Massengill, The Seattle Weekly,August, 2000

"An accomplished, extraordinarily varied album"

Tom Scanlon, Seattle Times

"A multi-talented performer, Bradley sings a freedom song "Yes Yes" with her free and easy vocals and, as heard in the title song about the loss of innocence, "The Season", with passion and insight. Nice diversity, showing off her talent and highlighting her songwriting, take in a live show and buy the cd there, you won't be disappointed."

N. Ehrlich, Victory Music Review, March, 2000

"She's talented, funny, a good writer and does an absolutely drop-dead a cappella version of "Bold Fenian Men"

Frank Gosar, The Saturday Café on KLCC Radio, Eugene, Oregon.

"Open-eyed, sophisticated neo-folk music, her warm and moving delivery enhances her intelligent and poetic material...The closing track is an unforgettable a cappella rendition of the classic Irish ballad "Bold Fenian Men"

Thomas Schulte,, April, 2000

"This CD is filled with rock-pop gems that just wrestled and pulled on my heartstrings, and I loved every minute of it. Lyrically astounding and musically pure in every aspect, this CD is quite a find for those who appreciate good music with a storyline that speaks from the heart"

Keith Hannalect,, August 2000