Kellee Bradley
2005 ? In A Big Way Music

Kellee Bradley's third and latest album, Waiting, is the labor of love production that was born out of a very difficult time in her life. It's an album of loss and love, heartache and healing. She has paired up with Ronan C. Murphy again, producer of her first album, The Season, and the result is a beautifully crafted album. Red Dirt Road, the final song on the album won First Place in the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition/lyrics. Here's what the press has to say about it so far:

When I read the credits of Kellee Bradley's new release Waiting, I knew I was in for some sonic delights. Ronan Chris Murphy produced the album, and his name gives instant credibility to an artist. Murphy is one of the best at his craft and he is a fine musician. Besides Bradley's excellent acoustic guitar playing and golden voice, you have quite a supporting cast that makes this an all around great listen.

This CD is a very personal project for the artist and very much wrought with emotion and feeling throughout. The sentiments of Bradley translate into impassioned musicianship and vocals that are hard to forget. When she sings, "Who's Gonna Love Me," you feel like she asking you personally the answer to her question. The title track reaches out and makes you wish all the "Waiting" was over and Bradley gets everything she is looking for.

I think Bradley is a focused artist with her eye on the prize. Her interpretation of what lies at the end of the road from the results of her work is anyone's guess. I have a feeling all she wants is people to hear her music and let nature take its course, and what will be, will be. She impresses me as the type that would very happy with people responding to her music because they relate to her story and enjoy the pop-rock sounds set to words, it is as simple as that.

This is music for everyone, its straightforward, rated PG, and the sounds are across the board accessible. Today I have to wonder what is going to come out my speakers most of the time. A lot of music has profanity in it, which does not bother me personally, however when you're a family man and have concerns for little ears that are always listening, it's an ongoing vigilance that is a necessity. At least it is for this parent. Kellee Bradley made it all easy, in fact, not only did I enjoy her CD, so did my family. Thanks for the honesty and great tunes Kellee. In a world filled with negativity and countless distractions, you are a breath of fresh air.

- ? Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Kellee Bradley pens personal songs about life and growing as an individual. She writes from first hand experience as a mother and as a struggling songwriter in Seattle, the birthplace of grunge. Kellee's style on her latest well-produced CD is pop/rock. 'Waiting' the title track is a positive, mid-tempo song about finding love. It is a lyrically and vocally strong track. 'Who's Gonna Love Me' is a poignant song about the loss of her mother. Kellee plays the Hammond B3 beautifully and her singing overflows with emotion. 'Red Dirt Road' is poetic and enhanced by a diversity of instruments including the Hammond B3 and pedal steel guitar. Kellee Bradley is a talented singer/songwriter and Waiting is original and touching!

- © Laura Lynch,

  • 2004 USA Songwriting Competition - First Place/Lyrics
  • 2004 Acoustic Live Finalist -
  • 2004 2nd Place -Maryhill Winery Songfest
  • 2004 JPFolks Songwriting Nomination
  • 2002-05 ASCAP Award
  • 2002 USA Songwriting Contest Finalist
  • 2002 JPFolks Songwriting Finalist
  • 2002 Washington Emerging Artist Award, sponsored by Redhook, NARAS and Made in Washington Stores